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Welcome to New Hughes! This is where our culture grows. I have heard it told that healthy gardens require robust soil fungi and microbes. The goal of New Hughes is to feed the fungi in our community to promote the… Continue Reading →

Honoring Philando Castile

July 6, 2019 marked 3 years since Philando Castile was murdered in Falcon Heights, Minnesota by St. Anthony police officer Jeronimo Yanez. Yanez has yet to be held to account for the panicked over reaction that resulted in the death… Continue Reading →

The Disruption Narrative

The back-to-back press conferences by cannabis prohibitionists, Smart Approaches to Marijuana – Minnesota (SAMMn), and full legalization advocates, Minnesotans Against Prohibition (MAP) coalition at the Minnesota State Capitol, were the focus of a deep dive through the 10 video series… Continue Reading →

Cannabis Prohibition Will Not Stand

On the morning of January 16, 2019 the Minnesota State Capitol Press Room was abuzz with expectation about the 2 press conferences scheduled for that day. One was the first public event organized by Smart Approaches to Marijuana – Minnesota… Continue Reading →


January 16, 2019 press conferences rearranged into 10 pieces. #1 – Lies About DUIs. #2 – Educate SAMMn. #3 – Probable Cause. #4 – Experience Over Opinion. #5 – Illicit Markets. #6 – Prohibition Profits. #7 – Prohibition Ruins Lives…. Continue Reading →

Apply Pressure for Change

The contrast between national and municipal governance has been striking in Minneapolis of late. Locally the City Council, Mayor, and Police Chief are moving, however glacially, toward more positive ways to reign in brutality by MPD. The Council rearranged the… Continue Reading →

Make It Real – MPD 150; Part 2

The October 4, 2018 Make It Real art exhibit and public discussion at New Rules in North Minneapolis featured D. A. Bullock, Devika Ghai, Roxanne O’Brien, and her daughter Oya. They spoke about imaging a police-free future and wove that… Continue Reading →

Make it Real – MPD 150; Part 1

October 4, 2018. New Rules. Make it Real. MPD 150. Art installation and panel discussion centered on the performance review of the first 150 years of the Minneapolis Police Department at New Rules in North MPLS. A panel of social… Continue Reading →

Stand with the Families

After a decade of making video and public access TV about national and global issues, I began to refocus my camera and commentary on local issues during the Occupation of the Fourth Precinct in 2015. The issue of extreme police… Continue Reading →

Wall of Forgotten Natives – A Stronghold

Wedged in the stronghold along the hi-way wall and Franklin Avenue a community has taken root in tents, blankets, rituals, and belief. The first day of November 2018 was bright and one of the last warm days in the heart… Continue Reading →

Occupy Write In – 2018

Astute readers will have noted that New Hughes has not been promoting our long-running Occupy Write In campaign as vociferously as in the recent past. Particularly 2016. For the most part this is because we have shifted focus away from… Continue Reading →

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