The title is a play on Anti-Fascist. A more personal Anti-Fake. The flip-side of Brixton Hughes is Fake News because I’m not making fun, laughing it all off, or delaying serious truths with nonsense and reminiscing. To be truly surprised by the rise of the White American Right (WAR) is to studiously ignore slave markets, burning crosses, gutted Federal Buildings, and the violent rites staged by white race war pimps as a springboard to authoritarian rule. It seems that Bubba Trump has hacked into the class notes for Beginning Dictatorships 101: Ready, Set, Go! from the School of the America’s online American Apprentice program. This spiel is straight out of the syllabus taught to aspiring strong-men to take control of the resources to which the North had become so addicted that we set aside democracy for capital and justice for authority. Don John is something like a proverbial chicken come home to roost; he has brought the authoritarian con-job back home and we will never be the same. I mean, what Trump and the GOP have wrought is pretty much what the US has fomented around the world for a very long time. Everything old is new again – or at least Neo.

A foundational principle of Antifa – KE is our emphasis on personal and local culture. Our current focus is on Minneapolis Election 2017,  providing the context of the Resistance, and detailing the machinations of State and Federal Governments by way of video and text. This is our way of helping people hold those vying for their votes and support accountable for what they have said in public. In the past, present, or future. The more widely these videos and words are shared, linked, and embedded the more effective a resource they can become to help us track the progress of the Progressive Wing should they be faced with he transition from campaign to office in 2018. Astute readers will not be surprised to learn that Brixton Hughes. D. Okar, and CDDF Productions have worked as One to express this skeleton of a social/political amplifier into the MSP political realms. The first goal of the Election 2017 Project is and was to create a library of videos featuring the social/political forces that I think have primary roles in determining the immediate culture of my city and my backyard, then to weave them together with text and commentary into something like a switch. A feed-forward switch. The basic structure is the same as cellular signal transduction, but rendered in video, text, and social networks. We built it. It is up to you to use it.

I was encouraged to discover that the videos D. Okar made from the video captured at the Innovation Lab (March 16, 2017 in NE Minneapolis) and the coverage of the MPRB Commissioner at Large (June 1, 2017) and Mayoral (June 29, 2017) Forums had been discovered and used by the creators of MSP Votes! in precisely the way we intended the switch to be thrown. In a positive direction, too! The links to New Hughes content are included as background information in the Surveys and Forms section for many MPRB and Mayoral candidates. I am honored to have my work used as a resource for engaged and inquisitive voters. Thank you! Be sure that we continue to work on new video. We will feature candidates for office, social justice organizations, and the powerful people pushing our culture forward in positive ways. Tell your friends and stay tuned.

The designers of the MSP Votes! site have put the parts of my Antifa-KE amplification switch in another context and so magnified the chances that the content will fulfill at least one of the purposes for its creation. It is another chance for each individual reader to boost our signal and synergize our efforts. As cool as it is that MSP Votes! amplified my effort, background on candidates is only one facet of that site. The sections on campaign finances are eye-opening and offer the ability to easily connect donors to candidates and organizations. I encourage everyone to spend some time click-swiping through the information and finding the networks that link specific candidates to each other and to entrenched power brokers and political bosses. The more you use MSP Votes! and share the information they have collated and the more you share the videos we make and share, the more effectively the benefits of transparent elections and the value of the comprehensive, long-form, True Cinema-style video will magnify and enhance the Positive Spin.

Violence is inherent in the systems of profit, greed, and control that define the dominant global culture synthesized by white people from the colonial West and the post-colonial North. To be brutally honest about humans, particularly those that desire control and wealth, non-violence is the more difficult and less popular response to provocation and threats. I too feel the urge to tear it down and burn it up. I know that even if I choose another way, others will keep at it. I implore you to reconsider your choices often, think deeply about what you plan to do, and choose your battles wisely. I intend to construe events in such a way as to render violence unneeded and ill-considered in response to the provocation by the goose-stepping White supremacists, their Fascist friends, and KKK courting authoritarian clowns. We’ll see how it goes.

Stay Strong and Carry On.