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Minneapolis Residents Land Board

The Minneapolis People for Liberation and Solidarity (MPLS) Initiative stands for returning the power to run Minneapolis to control by the people and communities in which they live. First and foremost, civilian control of police, but also community control of… Continue Reading →

Dispersed Political Power

Promoting the effective and fair functions of a modern city requires political and economic power. In a democratic or consensus driven system politicians, activists, and organizers collect that power from the people by reasoned discussion and debate. In totalitarian and… Continue Reading →

The Future of Police in Minneapolis

Over the last 6 years, I have learned a lot from the people in the movement. Particularly those featured in the hundreds of videos I have made and released. I very much appreciate their grace, kindness, raw passion, and thoughtful… Continue Reading →

Platform Plank Zero

This is platform plank zero because it underpins and suffuses everything else that will be proposed and discussed. Plank Zero is the context. It was summarized in Minneapolis People for Liberation and Solidarity (MPLS): Reimagine Minneapolis as Ground Zero –… Continue Reading →

Minneapolis People for Liberation and Solidarity – MPLS Campaign 2021

A strong platform requires a broad, solid foundation. The platform of my hypothetical run for Minneapolis City Council will be built together with people that are drawn, recruited, and brought to the endeavor. In fact, construction has already begun and… Continue Reading →

#StopTheWorld #ReleaseTheSun

Divoc – 91 Our political realm is being ravaged by F.A.T. Donny as the rhetorical veils wear thin and everyone begins to notice that the Emperor has no clothes. Not even a mask. We’ve traced the emerging archetypes since 2000,… Continue Reading →

Attention Stretch

One of our goals is to increase the average length of the human attention span. To that end, I have created a series of video clips and blog posts intended to serve as exercises to stretch your attention. The lastest… Continue Reading →

Video Muszak

When the more dire elements of the way that this world is made to operate get stuck too tightly to my mind and thoughts need to be reset and renewed, I make muszak. That is, I string together bits and… Continue Reading →

Stand With Families (Part 1)

The community dinner prepared by volunteers for Communities United Against Police Brutality (CUAPB) on October 20, 2019 was unifying, cathartic, and healing, as it brought together families impacted by police violence, supporters, and allies. Unrelentingly, the 2019 gathering was attended… Continue Reading →

Remember Stolen Lives – Phumee Lee (Part 2)

The Community Dinner to Stand With Families and Remember Stolen Lives was organized by Communities United Against Police Brutality (CUAPB) in Minneapolis, MN. Thao Xiong took the microphone to tell the story of when he first met Phumee Lee in… Continue Reading →

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