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An Atheist Discovers the Power of Prayer

I will be crystal clear. I think that Whiny Don Trump is a physical manifestation of our collective unconscious; an emanation from our cultural shadow. More precisely, the dominant archetypes populating his personal unconscious strongly resonate with the dominate archetypes… Continue Reading →

Mothers of the Murdered

The Minnesota State Fair is one of the most popular annual events in this state. The Great Minnesota Get Together draws a record number of people from around the state and across the nation every year. It is good, expensive,… Continue Reading →

Dust Bowl

I feel like that guy in that book. The one that turned in a cockroach, but could have hallucinated the whole thing instead. You know that story, right? Is it possible to have memories of places and people that could… Continue Reading →

We Will Not Be Silenced – Justice for June – Part 2

Still working through the footage from July 31, 2018 at the Please Don’t Shoot Me Rally for Thurman Blevins. Part 1 focused on his family and why I find it advantageous to see things from different perspectives. We Will Not… Continue Reading →


The other day I was chatting over the fence with my neighbor. He told me that the best part of the long weekend camping trip he had taken with his family was the break from Breaking News. As I apologized… Continue Reading →

Perspective Shifts – Justice for June, Part 1

At times like this, my slow media approach gets swamped by the fast moving tides and bursts of gunfire. While finishing up the video series from the Please Don’t Shoot Me Rally and March for Thurman Blevins the radio tunes… Continue Reading →

Village Trust Financial Cooperative

I’m a big advocate of small, locally-owned, initiatives and businesses. Maintaining local control of resources and services is the basis of growing healthy, safe, and just communities because it provides most effective way to mobilize neighborhood resources to solve the… Continue Reading →

Minneapolis Urban Park Service

I’d like to keep issues related to “reform” of the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) on the radar. The term “reform” is in quotes because we need to move well beyond reform, training, and blind oversight committee reports. I’m not so… Continue Reading →

Public Safety Community Forum (Parts 1-4)

I went to the Public Safety Community Forum that was organized by the Public Safety and Emergency Management Committee of the Minneapolis City Council on March 28, 2018 for two reasons. The first was to hear the Mayor explain why… Continue Reading →

Delegate Diary #4 – SD 63 Convention

I spent about 5 hours at the Minnesota Senate District 63 DFL endorsing convention on Saturday, March 24, 2018. I was a delegate from Ward 12; Precinct 11. It was a good way to spend a cloudy, chilly early Spring… Continue Reading →

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