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Apply Pressure for Change

The contrast between national and municipal governance has been striking in Minneapolis of late. Locally the City Council, Mayor, and Police Chief are moving, however glacially, toward more positive ways to reign in brutality by MPD. The Council rearranged the… Continue Reading →

Make it Real – MPD 150; Part 1

October 4, 2018. New Rules. Make it Real. MPD 150. Art installation and panel discussion centered on the performance review of the first 150 years of the Minneapolis Police Department at New Rules in North MPLS. A panel of social… Continue Reading →

Wall of Forgotten Natives – A Stronghold

Wedged in the stronghold along the hi-way wall and Franklin Avenue a community has taken root in tents, blankets, rituals, and belief. The first day of November 2018 was bright and one of the last warm days in the heart… Continue Reading →

Village Trust Financial Cooperative

I’m a big advocate of small, locally-owned, initiatives and businesses. Maintaining local control of resources and services is the basis of growing healthy, safe, and just communities because it provides most effective way to mobilize neighborhood resources to solve the… Continue Reading →

MN Campaign for Full Legalization

Spent a few hours at the Minnesota State Capitol with my friends from the MN Campaign for Full Legalization of Cannabis for Adult Use on February 20, 2018. It was the first day of the Legislative session. Mostly we walked… Continue Reading →

Eye Witness – (MPD-150 Pt. 2)

*TW – Trigger Warning – Mental Health Crisis discussed in the article and the video.* We continue our examination of the MPD 150 Performance Review and Report by listening to 2 people tell us stories of their own lived experiences…. Continue Reading →

Trifecta – (MPD 150 Pt. 1)

The Minneapolis Police Department turned 150 years old in 2017. One of the more inspired and thoughtful birthday gifts from the people of Minneapolis was the MPD 150 Performance Review and Report. That may sound a bit sarcastic, especially considering… Continue Reading →

Park Police and Equity Forum – Epilogue

I might have let this go, were it not for the continued efforts of a group of disgraced Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board current and former Commissioners to subvert the DFL endorsed candidates and maintain the status quo. By many… Continue Reading →

Policing and Equity in Minneapolis Parks (Part 3)

The October 26, 2017 Public Forum on Park Policing and Equity put together by Russ Henry and his colleagues was a confident step toward healing the relationship between the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board and communities of color in the… Continue Reading →

Policing and Equity in Minneapolis Parks (Part 2)

Russ Henry and the people that helped him organize the October 26, 2017 public forum on Policing and Equity in the Parks did a spectacular job bringing together some of the most important voices on racial disparities to speak about… Continue Reading →

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