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5 Critical Videos to Watch Today

Vote tomorrow – November 7, 2017 – in the Minneapolis Election. The entire municipal government is on the ballot and Minneapolis uses Ranked Choice Voting. For Mayor: Resistance 3D For Minneapolis Parks and Recreation At Large – 3 seats. Personal… Continue Reading →

Park Police and Equity Forum – Epilogue

I might have let this go, were it not for the continued efforts of a group of disgraced Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board current and former Commissioners to subvert the DFL endorsed candidates and maintain the status quo. By many… Continue Reading →

Policing and Equity in Minneapolis Parks (Part 3)

The October 26, 2017 Public Forum on Park Policing and Equity put together by Russ Henry and his colleagues was a confident step toward healing the relationship between the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board and communities of color in the… Continue Reading →

Policing and Equity in Minneapolis Parks (Part 2)

Russ Henry and the people that helped him organize the October 26, 2017 public forum on Policing and Equity in the Parks did a spectacular job bringing together some of the most important voices on racial disparities to speak about… Continue Reading →

Policing and Equity in Minneapolis Parks (Part 1)

An interesting thing happened on October 26, 2017 at the Sabathani Community Center in Minneapolis, MN. A leading candidate for 1 of 3 Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board City-wide Commissioner At Large seats organized and hosted a public forum on… Continue Reading →

Minneapolis Election 2017 – Endorsements

We are rolling toward election day. Early voting is great and we need to do more to encourage people to vote in every election. But, I’m a bit of a traditionalist. I wait for Election Day to cast my votes…. Continue Reading →

Minneapolis Parks Board Candidate Forum – District 3

The 2017 Municipal Election in Minneapolis, MN has been a major focus of New Hughes – Old Shoes since Donald Drumpf took the Presidency. Nine months on, the decision to emphasize the response of the local communities that live, work,… Continue Reading →

Antifa-KE Switch

The title is a play on Anti-Fascist. A more personal Anti-Fake. The flip-side of Brixton Hughes is Fake News because I’m not making fun, laughing it all off, or delaying serious truths with nonsense and reminiscing. To be truly surprised… Continue Reading →

Tomorrow I will be a Democrat

The Minneapolis DFL – Democrat, Farm and Labor; Minnesota’s version of the Democrats – Party convention will convene on July 8, 2017. I’m still a bit bemused that I will attend as an alternate delegate. My career as a TV… Continue Reading →

A Place We’d Like to Call America

I never knew Philando Castile, or Jamar Clark, or Marcus Golden, Terrance Franklin, or any of their tragic cohort. Had they not been slaughtered by police on the streets of their city in their home towns, I very likely would… Continue Reading →

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