A few friends pointed me toward an article by D.M. Andre today. It is a powerful take down of the concept that voting for other than a main$tream candidate is a wasted vote. I agree with him. If you cast your vote in a thoughtful way that gives you a chance to speak from your heart, do it. Even if that means using a fat marker to block out the whole ballot or carefully coloring in a single oval in every race. Both are valid ways to vote.

What about all the votes that are wasted by the system? Why bother listing the single-candidate races? Now, that is a wasted vote. Wasted paper, ink, and administration, too. So, why not Recycle those Wasted Votes? Easy peasy.

Repurpose the write-in space to highlight social movements, organizations, ideas, and personalities.

DIY democracy. Count the repurposed votes with posted pictures and social media.

Occupy Write In 2016