img_5666 I’ll admit it. I’m really diggin’ the 2016 Presidential election. From where I sit, it’s pert near perfect. I know that most of you likely don’t see it that way, but it all seems oddly appropriate. I get all the anger, disgust, and head-shaking disbelief. It sucks when everything you have taken for granted or fact comes undone and the only thing that seems real is a truth that you cannot abide. I’ve been there. In many ways, I still am. But that is not the story I’m telling today. This tale is best understood if you take a step or two back and let your eyes readjust to a more distant perspective. Loosen your gaze, as a teacher once taught.

The 2016 election is already auspiciously noteworthy for being out of whack with the rest of our Presidential campaigns. We don’t need the shock and awe of the deadlocked race like in 2000. No pregnant chads or strong-arm goon squads at the polling stations because we have an unconscious orange Trickster spinning wild tales and denying almost everything he says all over again. TheĀ  system is shaking itself in ways only the absurdity of Manifest Mantras and 3rd party spoilers could accomplish in 2000. Subversion in 2016 comes from within as factions scurry to pick up the pieces after the fall of Chainy and the Bush League. Whiny Don elbowed, insulted, and grabbed his way to the top of the GOP because you can when you’re a celebrity. Hillary stands in the Shadow of an unrepentant rape culture projected and manifest as her opponent and transforms Clinton into the victim candidate. The chaotic flailing by Trump casts Hungry, Hungry Hillary as a reasonable choice. Her corruption is like Trump’s sex life, a very old story of which we quickly tire and begin to ignore. All those bankers and suits are little Billy Bushes, egging her on and angling for their piece. It’s just boardroom talk. She don’t mean nothin’ by it.

That’s what we got going this year. Folly and corruption. Before the alternative party acolytes get grumpy and start feeling left out, I count you on the folly side when it comes to your chances of gaining in the White House. Call it a protest vote or a ballot of conscience and cast it with all your might, but let’s not pretend that anyone other than Clinton or Trump is gonna be President in 2017. I’ve cast my share of protest votes. Have at it. I will be making my final choice in the voting booth. The only thing I know is that I will not vote for Whiny Don. Everyone else is in play. This one is an election of losers before we even start counting the votes. Twenty sixteen is like 2000 and 2008 on steroids. What’s not to dig about that?

img_4573I’ll take Clinton over Trump because she is predictable and it is better for everyone if we let the experts at the ATM deal with chaos and magick. Thanks Drumpfy, but we’ll take it from here. Hillary is the next head grown from the Hydra, Trump is a whole ‘nother Beast. We cut off Dik Chainy. Hillary is more of the same like Obama. Their power is mostly offshore and worked by remote. The Mandala is strongest at home where the Army of $ keeps us allied with Progressives and People in the real world. It does not surprise me that a political machine as successful at maintaining power as the Clinton Clan is deeply corrupt.

The rationale that Hillary and the Clinton Foundation are simply playing the high stakes game of international politics in the ways that will best benefit their clients and constituents is very much like that of Donald when he defends his exploitation of tax law to maximize his return. The lesson I take home is that both of them know how to profit from our corrupt system and have been doing it for decades. That winning the nomination in a major party so closely resembles a rat clawing its way to the top of a dank pile of rotted refuse in 2016 is the most certain sign that our zombie government is wearing no clothes.

Still, it would be nice to jam it up. Get us back into an Electoral Bardo State. Last time we managed it was 2008 in the Minnesota Senate race. It doesn’t have to be Presidential, but that is the most effective. The Bardo Elections of 2000 and 2008 initiated a potential pattern into which 2016 neatly fits. We predict that, one way or another, this election will be jammed. Occupy Write In and make it happen.

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