On February 12, 2018 I went to a DFL Candidate Forum for House District 63B. I am a Delegate to the nominating convention on March 24, 2018. The forum was very well-attended and we were crammed into a room too small for the crowd. That is very encouraging, especially for a race that is generally a sleepy affair in a solidly Democratic district that has been represented by the incumbent, Jean Wagenius, for some 30 years. The growing wave of new, younger, people entering the political fray from the DFL in Minnesota has made this race quite interesting. The Forum featured 3 of her challengers – Husniyah Dent-Bradley, Emily Antin, and Leili FatehiBrenda Johnson did not participate in the forum. I’ve reached out to her and her campaign, but have gotten no response. That does not distinguish Johnson as a candidate because only 1 of them has replied to my efforts to give them a chance to win my support at the nominating convention. Hopefully, this article and the included video will stimulate them to take me up on my offer. I’m not hard to find. All you have to do is read the emails I have sent to your campaigns.

In keeping with the standard New Hughes established during the 2017 Election, we offer comprehensive and unbiased video clips of all the candidates at the only forum for this important seat. The only omission is due to technical issues – battery change – that prevented me from recording the full response of Emily Antin to a question about flooding of neighborhood basements and what should be done about the Hiawatha Golf Course and Lake Hiawatha. I apologize and will correct that omission when we get together to discuss how to win my support. I have a track record of making the effort to give silenced voices the chance to be heard.

That said, here are the videos: