The Occupy Write In Campaign 2016 is a new way to get more votes on the same ballot. Simply by repurposing the votes wasted in single candidate races, contests for public offices previously unknown to you, or for people you know nothing about, you can make a few votes of your own. Pick a name, a phrase, a hashtag, an organization, and write it in for every race with Wasted Votes. Join Occupy Write In 2016.

You might be surprised how many votes are wasted on a typical Minnesota ballot. That electoral space goes unused, uncounted, and empty.  No more! It is time to Occupy Write In.


Why stop at one name or hashtag? Make a list and repeat it as necessary or desired. Get together with friends. Use the same list. Create your own vote. Upcycle the electoral junk splattered all over your ballot.

Occupy Write In – 2016