In a healthy democracy votes have weight, relevance, and meaning. In our corrupt and twisted political system we cast many votes that go wasted by default. This electoral waste not only has a scent like garbage, our votes are also wasted in the sense of consumption or a chronic case of the Vapors. This protest does not aim to preserve the alleged integrity of the corrupt system that printed this ballot and put it in my hand. Rather, it is a way to return value to chronically wasted votes. To give them new meaning, another purpose, and help voters multiply the force of their will.

I mean to enrich every vote. Not just those cast in races deemed important and blessed by the media, pundits, and parties. All the votes on the ballot. Votes wasted by races with a single unopposed candidate are particularly low hanging dead wood. These votes are wasted not by desire, but by design. Races that offer a this-one-because-at-least-they-are-not-that-one illusion of choice blunt the electoral clout we could otherwise wield with reason and cast in accord with our political intent. Might as well flip a coin or cut for high card for all the good these races do to help us express our plebeian will. Enough.

A better alternative is to Recycle Wasted Votes with Occupy Write In – 2016.

It is very simple.

img_4666Start by sorting the waste stream. Save the votes that are important to you. Cast these votes with conviction, calculation, and glee. Instead, pick out the terminally wasted, single candidate races. These votes are the electoral equivalent of a waste stream rife with precious nutrients and organic matter that are prime for recovery, renewal, and regenerative growth. Recycle Wasted Votes.

Occupy Write In will not spoil the election. It enriches and brings new benefits  to the ballot.

Occupy Write In is a new way to use an old ballot to express political choices.

Occupy Write In weaves together the votes wasted by a rigged system and recasts them as another kind of vote.

Everyone lucky enough to live in a state and county that offers copious amounts of write-in space should restore its value by joining Occupy Write In – 2016.

Write in the same name/phrase/hashtag for every single-candidate race on as many ballots as possible.

Coordinate with your friends and with your allies. Organize.

I’ve been voting “Art Temple” since 2000. My personal best was 36 Art Temple votes on a single ballot in 2004. The only downside is the time and effort writing-in for 15 + races. With a little practice, you will be able to collect enough Wasted Votes to open a loophole on any US ballot with Write-In space large enough to include a short list of Issues, phrases, and #hashtags on your ballot. In 2016 and beyond.




Occupy Write-in 2016.