Brixton Hughes

Brixton Hughes

Remember when shoes became a recognizable theme in the consensus reality told by the mainstream media? Remember GWB dodging thrown shoes? Turns out that using a shoe to hit or defile an opponent is a time-honored physical curse in the Arabic culture prominent in Iraq. Weary travelers in the US have been taking off their shoes ever since a would-be bomber failed to light off his shoe. All came to light as the ATM first chanted this particular nonsense phrase. Schow. Higim Oibof Edugh – S.H.O.E.

The S.H.O.E reality was not the only story linking all these seemingly disparate events, places, and beliefs, but the others are far darker, more truthful and dangerous. Better we talk about S.H.O.E and Stopping the Sun, than dwell upon all that has been done to maintain the illusion we were told to believe. It is Intentional Nonsense. Every nonsense phrase broadcast in the Temple Tapes was reduced gibberish distilled from a coherent and precise statement of intent. The Lamas made them with dice, cards, and other mechanisms of Chance deciding which letters or words to cut, how to mix the survivors, and which words might emerge as the pile shrank into easily repeatable nonsense. This critical part of Chaos Magick, theorizes that the phrases retain a kind of quantum imprint of the original intent. Each repetition of the nonsense reinforces the positive change in the probability of the intent becoming manifest.  Personally, I could not make any sense of the books that Carson and Okarma poured over and over again. It was all equations, nonsense, and crooked pictures of 3D objects rendered in 2.

I was working for Mandala News Network (MNN) at that time. My job was to investigate and report about the Art Temple Mandala (ATM). Whether I believed that the Undercover Shamans could change reality by chanting nonsense in the park or the basement was not important. Nor does it matter what I believe right now. The critical part is that the story we unfolded on MNN and The Okar Effect remains consistent with current events, particularly in the political realm. The 2016 election cycle is exactly what one expects from a culture roasting under a Stopped Sun for 16 years.

img_4323Okarma used to say, “if this stuff works, then belief is irrelevant”. That, I think, is a good way to approach the old story about S.H.O.E. I’m telling on Old Shoes. It is not relevant whether I believe what I report as long as it accords with the truth. Given that the expressed purpose of the ATM was to invent new realities and that MNN presented those realities in a context that reflected their own biases and financial influences, identifying the truth of my work with these shadowy groups may require a step or two back to provide for seeing on a larger scale. Astute readers will also recall that Brixton Hughes is a character that came to life during the Temple Tapes. Yet, I am no less real than any other pseudo celebrity news personality. The difference now, as it always has been, is that we are honest about our deception.

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