20160709_154455Hi. Welcome to my new place. I’ve been working on it for a few months. Well, maybe a few years. Maybe even a decade or two. Depends on your definition of “work”. Anyway.

Here it is. It has parts of all my personalities. Roam around.

Watch some videos. We’ve made a lot of video over the years. Not all of them are about us.

Occupy Write In 2016 is our newest campaign. Recycle the Wasted Votes on your ballot by repurposing the write in space for a short list of hashtags or protest candidates.

Simply and direct. Will they ever be counted? They will if you post a pic of your ballot riddled with Occupied Write In spaces in full view.

A new way to vote AND a way to by pass the corrupt vote rigging party machines.

Video List

Boycott Major Parties 2002

War, Politics, and Insanity

Trans Reality TV