When Isak Aden was gunned down by multiple police officers in July 2019, his sister and brother redoubled their efforts to demand justice for lives stolen by killer cops. Sumaya had stood up for Philando Castile, killed July 6. 2016 in Falcon Heights, MN. Now Dinni has joined her to speak out for their brother, Isak Aden. Sumaya implores her white allies to lift up their voices and demand justice for all those killed by police. This 3 Part series (Part 1 and Part 2) is my voice and the numerous videos are intended to amplify the voices of the families with which I stand. Share them to keep applying pressure to those that need to change their ways and release the police videos. The vimeo clips are freely sharable on any social media platform, even email. Use them to inform and educate local political and law officers. Comment and acknowledge use by other people, allies, and community members.

The prosecutor for the case of Isak Aden is the same person that failed to prosecute the police that killed Map Kong in 2016. Map Kong was remembered that night by his cousin, C. (Video soon). It is a small world that brings this inadvertent family together. It is an unjust world where killer cops are on patrol and do nothing DA’s decline charges or pass it through a Grand (Farce) Jury to wash their hands. Dinni Aden speaks out about the injustice of the police and court systems that work to protect killer cops from accountability or question. Importantly, he ties his family’s fight to all the other stolen lives. Dinni knows that they can only attain justice by working together. Listen to him tell it:

Sumaya and Dinni have bonded with Ashley and Chara amid their fights for justice. The killings of Isak Aden and Brian Quinones were just a few months apart, so it may not be surprising that they feel strongly toward each other. Their open hearts, strong voices, and tireless efforts connect with Toshira Garraway Allen, a 10 year veteran of the fight for police and prosecutor accountability. The father of Toshira’s son, Justin Teigen, was killed by STP in 2009. Years before #BLM and the occupation of the 4th precinct for Jamar Clark, Toshira’s voice was ignored and defamed. For the last few years, Toshira’s voice has been encouraged and amplified. She has found succor in this slammed together community; found family with Ashley and the Adens.

That closes the first series from the 2019 Stand With Families and Remember Stolen Lives Community Dinner. Don’t forget to turn the clock back 1 year and watch the annual event all over again. I hope these clips and written words can provide the means to amplify the voices of the people speaking in them. To fulfill that intent requires your time and your help. Take these videos and spread them. Should you find them in your feed, acknowledge them. Let’s see how far and wide we can push these critical stories that all tell the tale of this day and age.

Stay tuned. Pay Attention.

Video List (Part 1)
Ashley Quinones
Bev Williams and Cameron Quinones
Chara Blanch and Sumaya Aden
Justice 4 Brian
Minnesota State (Ain’t) Fair

Video List (Part 2)
Thao Xiong; Remembers Phumee Lee
Thao Xiong; Honors Phumee Lee’s Mother
Fast Forward Stronghold

Video List (Part 3)
Sumaya Aden; Call for Support
Dinni Aden; Remembers Isak Aden
Toshira Garroway Allen; Don’t Let the Oppressor Win
Vigil 3 For Philando Castile
Stolen Lives MN State Fair 2019
Toshira Garraway 2018 Stand With Families and Remember Stolen Lives
Toshira Garraway at the Governor’s Mansion