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Next Tuesday is Vote Recycling Day

Pitch in! Recycle your Wasted Votes with Occupy Write In. It is easy. All you need to do is find the Wasted Votes on your ballot and Write In a word, phrase, hashtag, or candidate that best expresses your political… Continue Reading →

DIY Democracy

A few friends pointed me toward an article by D.M. Andre today. It is a powerful take down of the concept that voting for other than a main$tream candidate is a wasted vote. I agree with him. If you cast… Continue Reading →

Demands – Occupy Write In

The Occupy Write In 2016 campaign is running strong. Organizing a protest vote of one kind or another has become something of a tradition for the Art Temple Mandala. It is a parallel of the Chaos Magick Nonsense and Mantras… Continue Reading →

Folly & Corruption

I’ll admit it. I’m really diggin’ the 2016 Presidential election. From where I sit, it’s pert near perfect. I know that most of you likely don’t see it that way, but it all seems oddly appropriate. I get all the… Continue Reading →

Makes Waves and Rock the Boat

The Occupy Write In 2016 Campaign is an attempt to jam the election without derailing it. Instead we intend to subvert the civic meaning of a vote, how it is cast, and who does the counting. The meaning is subverted… Continue Reading →

Election 2016

I told you so. This is what happens under a Stopped Sun. The Trumpfs of the world crawl out of our Shadow and stand like they are proud. Amidst it the Bush League has conjured up a Democrat or two…. Continue Reading →

Recycle Wasted Votes

We are a wasteful culture. Throwing stuff away is built into the massive corporate systems that deliver cheap products to the front porch, grocery store, or the mail room. Wasted Votes are built into our electoral system, too. They fluff… Continue Reading →

More Votes

The Occupy Write In Campaign 2016 is a new way to get more votes on the same ballot. Simply by repurposing the votes wasted in single candidate races, contests for public offices previously unknown to you, or for people you… Continue Reading →

Occupy Write In 2016

In a healthy democracy votes have weight, relevance, and meaning. In our corrupt and twisted political system we cast many votes that go wasted by default. This electoral waste not only has a scent like garbage, our votes are also… Continue Reading →

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