New Hughes – Old Shoes.

Our goal is to promote, expand, and facilitate the emergence of new connections, ideas, and actions intended to create a more humane culture in our homes, neighborhoods, and communities.

We intend to make New Hughes more a network than a Show or a Blog. The whole scheme is constructed like an onion. An onion woven of interlacing layers. An Ethereal Onion. The threads woven into New Hughes and then folded into CDDF Productions with all the other projects.


The name of the site reflects our history and urges us forward. New Hughes because this is the return of Brixton Hughes to unabashed and timely commentary. Old Shoes because this it grows from our roots in the Art Temple Mandala and the simple nonsense of their most enduring mantra – Schow Higim Oibof Edugh; S.H.O.E.  It means nothing. That is the source of its power. It was by S.H.O.E. that ATM Stopped the Sun.