Here’s the deal. I don’t have much cash, but I have a few ideas and I’m ready to put in time and effort to see them through. I figure that there are a few more people within earshot that are ready to find out what we can do together. We have a long record of creating video content about a variety of topics and issues. New Hughes is well within the capabilities of CDDF Productions, as long as we can activate you to join us and be a Collaborator.

Most critical are Collaborators in the local music and beer communities willing to work with us to create new video focused on these communities and the people in them. Think Field Reporter, Critic, or Commentator. If it sounds like something you’d like to talk about, let us know.  Whether you prefer collecting raw source video, contributing finished videos, or something in between, we are ready to work with you to make it happen.

New Hughes intends to highlight people, organizations, and movements from across the state and around the corner that are working in positive ways to build and strengthen their community and our culture.  Well beyond the non-profit industry and into your neighborhoods. We have begun to reach out to those we would like to include in the Spin Positive thread.  Contact us if you’d like to Spin Positive with New Hughes.