#StopTheWorld #ReleaseTheSun.

A few astute readers may already know that I am the most recent addition to the Force Multipliers. My role is to maintain and update the narrative thread that began just before the 21st century and remains intact today. In honor of my teacher and colleague, Brixton Hughes, my moniker reminds us of historical events. The April 20, 1914 Ludlow Massacre in the Colorado Coalfield War and Sinclair Lewis, who covered the labor uprisings in Colorado coal mines as a young reporter. I am Ludlow Sinclair. These are my diaries.

” If something is true; if it works,

then belief is irrelevant.”

First Tenet of Carson

The mundane absurdity of this moment has me reconsidering my own. I mean, if the stuff that keeps streaming through the mainstream screens is some sort of truth, then perhaps the utterly fantastic absurdist narratives from our past might not be such obvious lies after all. If the narrative of Chaos and Nonsense woven by my predecessors remains one of the more accurate and consistent through the last 20 years, then my disbelief is not relevant. I am not a preacher and I cannot pretend to teach. I’m just another human being wandering this way and that, trying to figure out what the fuck has been going on while I was dreaming.

The main context to keep in mind is the reason the creators of the Art Temple Mandala (ATM) chose to work through smoke-and-mirrors and tuck morsels of truth into absurd Chaos Magick rites, sigils, and nonsense chants. It was about the freedom of cartoons and presumed sharpness of their barbs. As it turned out, they probably could have shouted from the tallest buildings while naked and erect for all the attention their “barbs” have gotten. But they were paranoid and full of themselves, so when Neil and Dave could not become animated, so they became absurd. When they played Okarma and Bill Carson on the TV, they were not conducting consciously constructed incantations of Magick, nor were they attempting to channel the Free Energy of Chaos into manifesting change in the Physical Realities determined by the probability of very tiny particles to align and manifest persistent structures. Nothing of the kind. They were simply hack public access TV “producers” goofing on the political players of the day. In light of all that came afterwards, it is sometimes difficult to remember that all of this was really nothing when it began. Well, nothing but privilege and spare time paired with a deep desire to make like a forest fire and burn away dead wood.

Some people say that the inspiration was Alex Jones and conspiracy theories. I think that Okar took “Info Wars” to heart and decided to engage him. “If this is really a war, then that motherfucker needs someone to beat him”, is what I imagine he’d say with the feigned resolve of an armchair General just before he broke down laughing with Levy. I have heard that the goal was to create and disseminate alternative conspiracy theories (ACTs) that almost completely undermined those promulgated by more authoritarian elements, acolytes, and advocates – like Alex Jones and his ilk. I think they wanted to create ACTs that promoted self-reflection, transformation, and solidarity – all in a positive way, of course. It seems like a good idea to me. That’s why I’m here telling their story all over again. Reinterpreting the nonsense for another generation of absurdists.

The essence of their “invented reality” (AKA conspiracy theory) was that the George W. Bush campaign (AKA The Bush League), the one that came to power in the confusion of 2000 and the first of many deadlocked elections, had used sorcery to tip the outcome in their favor. Dick Cheney (AKA Chainy Dik)- the Queen of Black Hearts – was at the center of the cabal. He had conjured up an Earth Giant; a Golem as a foil for GWB and the Bush League. Al Gore. But when Bill Carson’s Mantra of Confusion manifested Gore/Bush, the nature of Beast changed. Later when the SCOTUS split the Bush/Gore with their almighty gavel, part became the shell of a president and the other an unconscious beast intent on destroying the ATM, the Army of $, and the Undercover Shamans that had inadvertently created this ripple in time and reality. Luckily, the wayward pseudoshamans met Baba Kamp and with his guidance were able to capture and ultimately destroy the Bush Altar. They assumed that destroying the Altar would not only blunt Dik Chainy’s powers, but also disperse the Beast, but that was only half correct. While Chainy succumb, the Beast grew stronger and removed Bill Carson from the physical realms completely. Okarma hung on for a few episodes, but I am convinced he has been dissolved as well. This left Stan Howitzer, Tom Rifle, and Brixton Hughes with nothing to report or investigate, so they moved on. We lost track of Rifle. Howitzer stills sends us Travel Tapes from time to time. Hughes still works for CDDF Productions as you know, and has recently agreed to mentor your’s truly.

Since we (secretly) introduced Divoc 91 in May, fire, conflict, and hate-based division have emerged with renewed insistence all across this nation and around the world. A worldwide movement for racial justice spread from Minneapolis after George Floyd was slowly lynched in full public view. There is push-back and back-lash. F.A.T. Donny keeps setting the stage, as Tricksters will do, but he is quick becoming like Wiley Coyote and hurting himself more than anyone else. The humorous part is that he does not seem to notice and keeps repeating the same tricks over and over again. Imagine Mel Brooks playing Donny in the satirical dark comedic farce that his administration should have been. Now do you get it? I knew you could. Save your laughter for the end, ’cause we’re just getting started over here.

The person behind all the smoke and mirror pseudonyms and on-line character studies and that puts these words at my fingertips, very nearly ran for public office in Minneapolis, MN. In the flurry and fuss surrounding those heady days of indecision and puffery, Brixton Hughes highlighted a few salient take-home messages. The most critical at this time is that we remain one of the most consistently accurate, albeit absurd and nonsensical, explanation for the seemingly disconnected events impacting the US for the past 21 years. Hughes and Okar may have lost track of Bill Carson and Okarma, but I’m here to pick up those threads; keep this nonlineage going.