The 2017 Municipal Election in Minneapolis, MN has been a major focus of New Hughes – Old Shoes. Our main focus has been the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board (MPRB). That coverage continues with the September 21, 2017 Candidate Forum for Park District 4 hosted by Parks & Power and InquilinXs UnidXs por Justicia (Tenants United for Justice). We present the entire forum as a series of videos, each featuring a single question and the responses of both candidates – Tom Nordyke (DFL) and Jono Cowgill (DFL endorsed).

The focus of the forum was Racial Equity at the MPRB. Take a few minutes to listen to the organizers lay out their motivations and the mission of the host groups. Jacob Virden from Parks & Power set the tone at the outset. Emmanuel Ortiz explained the mission of Parks & Power. Roberto de la Riva spoke about the connection between tenants rights and the parks.

Here are the links to each question in chronological order. Taken together, these videos comprise the entire forum.

Introduce yourself and highlight experience/knowledge that will make you a good MPRB Commissioner.

What is the role of the Park Board in a Sanctuary City such as Minneapolis?

What is gentrification and how can the MPRB help to prevent it?

What will you do to implement the Urban Agriculture Plan that the MPRB approved 3 years ago and has yet to put into action?

How can the MPRB help combat climate change and what is your position on pesticide-free parks?

Explain how you understand your white identity.