Voting is an important part of being an engaged citizen. That so many of us have given up on the representative democracy that was intended to allow the citizenry a voice in directing our nation is a strong indication of a deeply dysfunctional system. I understand why people decide to abstain. Those of us that cast our votes are often left scratching our heads by the number of pointless races scattered throughout the ballot. I’m talking about races with unopposed candidates. Votes for an unopposed candidate are the definition of Wasted Votes.

Occupy Write In is a new way to use your ballot to cast an alternative vote. Use the write-in space for races with unopposed candidates to recycle those wasted votes. Vote for yourself. Vote for Lizard People. Better yet, organize with others to Occupy Write In with 1 or more phrases, hastags, or alternative candidates.

A new way to vote needs a new way to count the votes. Snap a picture of your upcycled ballot and share it. That’s DIY democracy.

Join Occupy Write In 2016! Spread the word.

Please Vote in the Proper Manner.