Brixton Hughes

New Hughes is comprised of 6 narrative threads. When woven together these become a whole.

Old Shoes. Local Beats. Beer Blossoms. Positive Spin. Temple Two. Travel Tapes.

History/current events. Music. Beer. Agents of positive change. Art. Travel.

We can create, or already have on hand, content for all 6 threads. New Hughes and Old Shoes will be my voice on the site. I plan to shoot and/or edit pieces for the Local Beats, Beer Blossoms, and Temple Two threads. The goal is to find collaborators willing to take on the field work and as much editing as they would care to do. Ideally, they will also compose the post(s) presenting the video clips to the public. Travel Tapes is an in-house produced series of short videos and written word intended to add a bit of the natural world to New Hughes. Temple Two is our second Arts Magazine. Video and other content by arrangement, submission, and collaboration.

The Positive Spin thread is a very important part of New Hughes. This is where we intend to imbue the story with positive thoughts, actions, and analyses. Content will be produced in-house and by collaborators, The videos will highlight local change-makers that aiming in a positive cultural direction.

Six threads. One Show. + You.  New Hughes.