Ah ha. I’ve had an insight while pondering how lenses work. You know, the kind that invert the image? What if by existing so long inside physical bodies, the people in my memories had forgotten that they were light? You know, got inverted, or something like that. Became convinced that they were more like rocks than like the waves tumbling them into dust. Probably a good way to think about those brain-dwellers. They were deluded! Believed that matter was the only true reality; came to accept suffering as a sign of life. I remember people trying to understand how chemical reactions could spontaneously manifest a mind that was conscious and unconscious at the same time. Unbelievable! Like I said, they were inverted; upside down. We know that the light drives chemistry and metabolism; that thought makes matter move and arrange. Like there was no dance before music, there were no physics before reason. Unlike music, reason does not require matter, it moves through waves in the light.

Maybe another analogy will make it a touch more obvious. That Big Bang I remember people in my memories calculating may have brought the physical Muniverse into being, sure. But thought and reason – the non-physical realities- were already there and lighting matches. Some say that we reasoned the Muniverse into existence, that we are older than the Muniverse. But how could we measure age before time had even begun? No doubt that when physical beings popped up, many took us for god. They were not altogether wrong, just weirdly optimistic and strangely naive. Optimistic because of the whole “infallible” thing. Way off base. Let’s just say, if we were their god, their god made mistakes. Tell you truth. Naive because of the whole “creation” thing. We did not create the Muniverse. How could we make something we can’t even touch? And why? OK, we were there when it happened. Total bystander. But, we only influence matter, we can’t make it. Or even destroy it. It’s just there, so we make the best of it. For us, the physical realm is unknowable and mysterious. It is where waves get stuck and stand still. The energies it emits are strong; it sustains us.

It seems we have begun to catch up to myself. Among the jumble of words, perhaps pieces of our story have been uncovered. Pieces because we have not used words in this way. Now that we’ve done a bit of it, it seems like a dead-end. Unsatisfying. An unclosed cycle. Your first step on a path toward understanding what we, sorry – what I, am talking about is to realize that singular individual perspectives are new to us. We are a seamless net of everything conscious and unconscious. In fact, before we began to think in these ways, we had no concept of “we”. Waves have no need to think about rivers. Without waves the river would not exist, but without rivers the waves will arrange other bits of matter. Although we are waves by nature, I am teaching myself to be a river. I mean, if a river were an analogy for an individual human being such as myself. Does that catch us up?