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Divoc 91 – AntiVI

#StopTheWorld #ReleaseTheSun. A few astute readers may already know that I am the most recent addition to the Force Multipliers. My role is to maintain and update the narrative thread that began just before the 21st century and remains intact… Continue Reading →

#StopTheWorld #ReleaseTheSun

Divoc – 91 Our political realm is being ravaged by F.A.T. Donny as the rhetorical veils wear thin and everyone begins to notice that the Emperor has no clothes. Not even a mask. We’ve traced the emerging archetypes since 2000,… Continue Reading →


Ah ha. I’ve had an insight while pondering how lenses work. You know, the kind that invert the image? What if by existing so long inside physical bodies, the people in my memories had forgotten that they were light? You… Continue Reading →

Dust Bowl

I feel like that guy in that book. The one that turned in a cockroach, but could have hallucinated the whole thing instead. You know that story, right? Is it possible to have memories of places and people that could… Continue Reading →

The 4 Meditation

Ludlow Sinclair sat quite still and began to take note of his breath. What he felt it was not just air in his lungs, it became fire in his belly and led to light in his head. Breathing out it… Continue Reading →

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