Divoc – 91

Our political realm is being ravaged by F.A.T. Donny as the rhetorical veils wear thin and everyone begins to notice that the Emperor has no clothes. Not even a mask. We’ve traced the emerging archetypes since 2000, but the political and and cultural threads have been running since the first “pilgrim” began to lust over a “New World”, ripe and “untouched”. But let me stay focused on this moment and let others tell white folk like me about the past, because any history I would repeat will be bloated and bleached. It is time for people like me to listen to the stories of the other “Americans” that have a stake in this “nation”; this “republic”; this Land. This Stolen Land. Time to pay the debts incurred for privilege and by race. These too are ripe and untouched; implicit and unacknowledged. Imagine we discover a New World by conquering privilege and race. A world built together. Designed to uproot the legacies of colonization by amplifying stories that counter the colonizer zeitgeist so suffuse throughout the culture. Pre-Covid and in situ.

If we are to manifest the Human World we envision, we need to prepare ourselves, our Minds, and our Spirit. Eventually the Covid-19 imposed Bardo will end and our post-Corona reality will crystallize. Now is the time to think about Spiritual Pre-Enactments and Pre-Imagine Artistic Renditions of the future. Action starts tomorrow. For now, fantasize. Go big. It costs almost nothing to Day Dream about existing in a society that is more aligned with your way of Living and how you nurture others. Why not do it more often? Why not do it now?

Stop the Sun. It was an outburst that became a plot twist that became the most robust of narrative threads. Stretching from 9/11/01 through occupations, wars, and drone strikes, and is now woven into our collective consciousness with the word corona. A spherical virus named for the crown of the Sun has stopped our world. The Art Temple Mandala (ATM) Stopped the Sun in 2002 and the Sun Stopped the World in 2020. We hold the Sun to demand payment for debt and to protest disrespect of the Earth. Covid-19 Stopped the human World yet let the Earth move. Night still gives way to day. Storms still disrupt the calm. Continents still drift. Winds will shift. Everywhere the planet has begun to heal the wounds dealt by the human World. Earth remains resilient, but the human debt remains unaccounted. We need to pay it back. To the human beings that our quest to dominate Nature and make it serve us has killed, maimed, and made mad. To everyone scarred from unacknowledged past crimes, degradation, and abuse. In this life or those of our ancestors. Payment of that debt, or at least admitting that it is owed, will loosen the Sun. This is a task for many hands and a practice for many minds, we cannot do it alone. We need you. I’m not asking yet for your labor. All I want is a few flashes through your synapses. A moment while you ponder the debt our culture owes and to whom. A blink while you envision how it might be paid. Now hold those images in your mind. Again. Those visions are our goal.

Astute readers will already be aware of my penchant for trying to discern the shape of seemingly pivotal events that emerge into our Collective Conscious and describe the archetypes they reflect in our Collective Unconscious. The idea is to amplify the personal investigative psychological approach of CG Jung for individual Self Realization to the societal and cultural scale. That is, promote Cultural Realization and gain the benefits of reflection for our entire society. Whatever that means. But of course we know what that means. It means healing our social psyche by bringing forth a less fractured civil society based on mutual respect and accountability. It means accountability for historical injustice and genocide. For hoarding wealth and capital, then using it to divide and exploit people; to coerce them to bow. Will we continue to become what we flee from in terror as we watch everything we prayed would not happen again, happen all over again? No! Let this be the time we remember our collective history and tell each other stories about what it means to each of us. Self reflection on the scale of culture.

The Covid-19 pandemic is the 4th archetype to emerge in the US political realm since we were compelled to start paying attention in 2000 when the Gore/Bush syzygy crashed into the Collective Consciousness of the US. Within 2 years, the Art Temple Mandala (ATM) had stopped the Sun. The Bush/Gore eventually gave way first to a Wise Couple and then the Fully Automatic Trickster that is currently stumbling his way through this so-called presidency. The round virus named for the Sun that has encircled our globe completes a quaternary. Closing the cycle of the Stopped Sun with a corona shaped archetype embedded in a pandemic of death suggests that we should work to manifest a life sustaining, nurturing force in our collective consciousness. The damage wrought by Covid-19 is unbalanced. Its spherical nature implies that the other half of the viral syzygy has yet to emerge. I propose that we visualize a pandemic of global healing. How it would initiate? How it could be spread? What “new normal” would be the result? Like Covid, but all backward and flipped around by mirrors. Divoc-91. The constellations that we’ve mapped out since the last century turned align with a fruitful release of the Sun and its nurturing rays. The global pandemic has plunged us into a kind of Bardo. Our society, culture, and the human world, are in an intermediate state between what we were before Covid and what we will be afterward. The Bardo brings wild visions, unreal theories, and whispered conspiracies, but reason, calm, and focus will see us through. Stay calm and transform. Focus on influencing the culture that will emerge from this Bardo.

Skeletal image of the Axiom of Maria

I count the archetypes in constellations because of the Axiom of Maria. Quite possibly the most succinct rendition of transformation ever conceived. “One becomes Two becomes Three and out of 3 comes the 1 as the Fourth.” Jung used the Axiom as a foundation, a skeleton, on which to arrange the insights of his patients to reveal irrational relationships and uncover hidden pathways toward healing. The Axiom emphasizes the power of positions 3 and 4. The Third is often dynamic as it is transformed into the 1 by way of the Fourth. If my archetypal analyses of the last 19 years has any validity, it highlights that our society is in transformation as the F.A.T. becomes the corona that is our new society. While corona has been almost exclusively linked to death, our One society will manifest with healing and health. Divoc-91. Envision the culture and society in which you’d like to exist and tell us about it. Such thoughts have more weight at times like this, think them every day.

#ReleaseTheSun #StopTheWorld.

When Life came to Earth.

Humans create their cultures every day. Generally the weight of tradition and the inertia of stability set rigid constraints. The contributing human narratives point in all directions, and the net change is incremental and discordant. However, if enough people began to tell stories that point in the same general, more positive, direction and those tales could catch a little fire, would it be possible to counter cultural inertia and shift our society toward the light? I think so and I hope so, because I’m starting to think we don’t have time to work this kind of debt off incrementally. We need a massive shift. We’ve twiddled all the knobs and worked all the valves, it is time to start flipping switches; pulling levers and strings. The ways of the Earth and other living beings include switches and sudden change, so we have the tools we need encoded in our cells and our minds. It is a matter of activating them to amplify our narratives of healing, hope, and humanity. I hypothesize that by embedding the archetypes and constellations associated with social transformation in the stories we tell about ourselves, we can effectively push our shared culture in particular, and hopefully positive, directions. If you have ever wondered whether focused human thought and intention, enacted on a massive scale, could influence the physical world and manifest a different reality, now is as good a time as any to help us test that hypothesis.

#ReleaseTheSun #StopTheWorld


Biological Switch

At this moment, while the ATM has Stopped the Sun and the Corona has Stopped the World, the probabilities that determine the collective reality in which we are immersed are loosened.

When probabilities are aflutter.

Loose probabilities are an opportunity to shift reality. Focus and intent are critical if we are to tilt the world toward our better selves as the Bardo collapses.

A Switch to Flip


#ReleaseTheSun #StopTheWorld

We can become our own future. Think of SARS-CoV-2 as a cocoon around every building, person, and place. Inside we are gelatin and goo as one life dissolves into stuff required to assemble the next being. Now is the time to push with everything we have to manifest a society that will hold more of us with deeper respect, greater justice, and more gratitude. Envision it. Work toward it. Write it down. Sing it out. Dance it. Play it. Film it. Know it. Love it.

Share it with #StopTheWorld. Demand payment for debts owed on the cultural scale. Weave it into respect for Earth and renewing human connection to natural cycles. #ReleaseTheSun.

Corona of the Sun