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Divoc 91 – AntiVI

#StopTheWorld #ReleaseTheSun. A few astute readers may already know that I am the most recent addition to the Force Multipliers. My role is to maintain and update the narrative thread that began just before the 21st century and remains intact… Continue Reading →

#StopTheWorld #ReleaseTheSun

Divoc – 91 Our political realm is being ravaged by F.A.T. Donny as the rhetorical veils wear thin and everyone begins to notice that the Emperor has no clothes. Not even a mask. We’ve traced the emerging archetypes since 2000,… Continue Reading →

An Atheist Discovers the Power of Prayer

I will be crystal clear. I think that Whiny Don Trump is a physical manifestation of our collective unconscious; an emanation from our cultural shadow. More precisely, the dominant archetypes populating his personal unconscious strongly resonate with the dominate archetypes… Continue Reading →


It has often become apparent that I may carry the genetic code for hibernation. The cold shortness of these days and the luxurious silk of the velveteen nights stretched between are a fine mesh with the clocks wound up in… Continue Reading →

The 4 Meditation

Ludlow Sinclair sat quite still and began to take note of his breath. What he felt it was not just air in his lungs, it became fire in his belly and led to light in his head. Breathing out it… Continue Reading →

A Place We’d Like to Call America

I never knew Philando Castile, or Jamar Clark, or Marcus Golden, Terrance Franklin, or any of their tragic cohort. Had they not been slaughtered by police on the streets of their city in their home towns, I very likely would… Continue Reading →

The Elephant in the Room

There were 3 blind friends that had lived together for many years. Each had been blind since birth, so none of the friends had ever seen the world. They knew it only by touch, scent and sound. They lived in… Continue Reading →

The Conscious Planet

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin gives one of the better descriptions of systems biology I have encountered. His background in geology and paleontology ground his work and his Catholic perspective becomes something like a philosophical style. His Omega Point concept is… Continue Reading →

The Skeleton of Everything

The Theory of Everything was a movie about people trying to find single equation that can describe the entire universe. I’ve always thought this an odd idea to pursue, but if that’s how a few physicists want to spend their… Continue Reading →

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