Ludlow Sinclair sat quite still and began to take note of his breath. What he felt it was not just air in his lungs, it became fire in his belly and led to light in his head. Breathing out it felt warm and circled with purpose into the world in which Ludlow now ordered his breaths into series’ of 4. Lungs. Belly. Head, then All Together.

The fire and light moved through the cycle ringing between belly and head through his heart. Ludlow drove the cycle with his breaths, in and out. As Ludlow drove the cycle, he fashioned it into a machine; a mindful of machines. As Ludlow built machines of his breath, he began to excavate his psyche, soul, and Self. As Ludlow began to refine what he dug up, he began to imagine another machine; the machine building him and unfolding his world.

The breaths ringing between head and lungs have gained the breadth of a warehouse and become a museum where Ludlow takes inventory and imagines what it all means. Ludlow took note of his quiet breath and began to rise.