img_5652You have an opportunity to experience, first hand, how nonsense works. Pay attention.

Barely 3 months ago New Hughes went live and introduced the concept of Intentional Nonsense. It has been just short of 3 weeks since we discussed the S.H.O.E. nonsense for which the Old Shoes thread is named. Schow Higim Oibof Edugh. Whisper it once or say it again with your brain. If you are one of the people that read, whispered, or thought the S.H.O.E Mantra before October 7, 2016, thank you for helping us test the ATM!

Things are looking pretty OK. You bet.

I’m a skeptic at heart, so it always surprises me when the probabilities shift and our intent manifests in the political realm. Yes, I’m talking about Billy Bush. We’ll save the Book of Jeb for another day, but both stories grew from the same root. The Bush Altar. When the Undercover Shamans took that prize from the Bush League they significantly drained the Queen of Black Hearts Dik Chainy and created a powerful set of relics that they reworked into an array of Absurd Armaments. Many of these have gone missing ever since Bill Carson absconded and Okarma dissolved. But for the moment, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.

The bottom-line is that no sooner did we renew the S.H.O.E. Mantra, than a cousin of GWB opens an abyss at the feet of The Prima Donald that could swallow up Slick Willy, too. The Art Temple Mandala not only remains effective sixteen years on, it has seemingly taken the reigns of the Bush League from Dik Chainy’s vanquished hands. Do you see the different fates of Jeb! and GWB? I thought so. How certain are you that I am completely wrong? How sure that your version of the story is completely correct? I thought not.

Score one for Chaos. Let’s do it again. Whaddaya say?

Toss ’em another S.H.O.E.

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