Welcome to New Hughes!

This is where our culture grows. I have heard it told that healthy gardens require robust soil fungi and microbes. The goal of New Hughes is to feed the fungi in our community to promote the growth of healthier human cultures.

It sounds wrong… but its right.

That was one of the tag-lines for The Okar Effect back in the early double aughts. When the last century turned. Loosely based on The O’Reilly Factor, it was my first run at hosting a Show. This is the next.

The unabashed absurdity of The Temple Tapes (2000-06), so refreshing in its time , has in 2016 been manifest in the Political Realms like a shit-storm.  At New Hughes, we’ll leave the nonsense to those with more resources. We know when we’re beat – and we used to play experts on TV!  The Strategic Chaos & Intentional Nonsense were tools by which we sought to enhance the probability that our intentions would be manifest. In the end, we used the time-tested methods of the mainstream and social media to invent realities. We repeated the story over and over until it began to sound right. Listen carefully as I tell it again. Those are the Old Shoes.